Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (ZELC) established in 1892.  Our original church was built with volunteer hands where our church office is now, at 4th and Union.  The church you see today, at 4th Street and Avenue A, was built by Uphus Construction in 1924. Church members did much of the finish and detail work throughout the building.  The altar, the lectern, and the pulpit, were built by church member Oswald Lauterbach. 
      Designed for a growing congregation, the church would eventually have capacity for 500 using theater type folding seats. These seats were recently replaced with pews and the balcony seating is no longer in use.  Our current capacity is 200. 
      Classrooms for the Zion Lutheran School were added to the lower level where the school would continue on site until 1989. The school then relocated to its present location in Lake Stevens.  Presently, the rooms are being used by the The Academy school.

     A 1600 pound swinging bell of cast iron was installed in the bell tower at the time of construction, using “teams of horses and a pulley” to hoist the bell into position. It is sounded by a pull that descends from the bell to a landing above the Narthex. You will hear it Sunday mornings when we call our neighbors to service and again later (three times) as we pray the Lord's Prayer.

     The stained glass windows were installed over the course of 10 years.  The first window, “God the Father,” was installed in the West (entrance) window, in 1982.  The south window, “Love of God sending His Holy Spirit,” in 1989.   And “Christ, Son of God” and the Lutheran Rose (above the altar) were installed in 1992.  

     After suffering water damage during an earlier roof replacement, the sanctuary was completely restored in 2021 and a new sound system installed.  Our present elevator, installed in 2024, offers more space for mobility equipment, and the landing areas have been expanded to provide our visitors with easier access.